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Jan 19, 2013 2:30am PST
it doesn't mean there isn't wait. managing inventor is not a perfect science. >> we want to never sit on inventory for too long. so we don't produce infinite inventory, even though we could, because it has a shelf life. >> rather than ship it out and have a customer that's disappointed, you know it's the right business decision to get raid of the product. >> the bex advice they can offer is to not overthink anything. he believes a little strategy and occasionally some lun, will allow you to manage your inventory. >> there are fewer pieces that you have to think about, guess about, and figure out. the better you are to respond to whatever comes up. >>> inventory can be a big hablg, but so many small businesses have failed but they overestimated or under estimated their inver tirntorinventory. we have two guests with us now. both of them have a lot of experience with inventory. how do you figure it out. when you're bigger you get it, you have repeat customers and a formula, but when you're starting out and small, how do you figure it out so your capital is not all tied up in inventory.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)